Details Make the Difference!


Want to pack some punch into your home – make those beautiful walls you just painted stand out?  To get the most bang for your buck my bet is detail wood trim.  I’m always amazed after Steve has finished a project in our home or someone else’s with crown moulding, window and door trim, wainscoting, chair rail or any other ideas our clients have come up with at what a difference it makes.  The room just looks finished!  Especially if the trim is painted white and you have a great color on your wall – the walls just POP!

Here are some options at a truly affordable price:

4-1/4″ crown moulding around the top perimeter of your walls (Woodwork Designs offers the second room at half price specials!)

Chair rail run approximately 32″ high off the floor

Trimmed out windows and door frames that are just plain old dry wall wrapped

Wainscoting– several ways to wainscot the walls and at least two of them are a real bargain with a little trick with paint

Wow! Picture Moulding Makes a Difference!

Fireplace mantle (very inexpensive) or a total fireplace surround with columns and panels

Display Shelves for plates or whatever

One Word of Caution:   As “simple” and affordable as these projects seem, unless you are talented with a hammer, saw and other tools – don’t do this one yourself.  Steve has been called in to “fix” the husband’s handiwork a number of times.  It’s not pretty.

Children's/Entryway Lockers