Shaker Style Cabinet




cabinetwright cabinet


Steve built this functional shaker style cabinet for Julie and her family to provide additional storage and appeal for a semi alcove area.  The drawers and doors are full overlay (meaning they sit on the outside of the cabinet rather than inset) and have the traditional shaker style.  This piece was unique with a second set of doors above the counter.  The doors directly above the counter are able to fold into the sides of the bookcase to store out of the way.  Steve used a bead board backing to add charm when the doors are open.  Julie choose a nice warm neutral color that complements the stained countertop and knobs.  The bottom features “feet” rather than a solid kick for added interest.  Great piece for great clients!  


TV’s Last Stand


The television set has certainly come a long way.  In the 1950s my Dad built a TV from a kit – it was just the screen with all of it’s wiring and components in the back – they were so thrilled to be able to watch that little screen.  I remember a great big console that was a piece of furniture in our living room when I was growing up.  Eventually TVs lost their furniture look and went back to being just a TV.  But then they kind of looked lost and we decided they needed a piece of furniture around them, so we built a whole wall of furniture to keep them company.  Steve made lots of those – Entertainment Centers.  That was great for Steve’s business because they usually had a center section where the TV would sit with drawers and doors to hide the other components that have to accompany a TV today.  Then there were the bookcases on either side that kept the TV company so that it didn’t feel so exposed.  I still love that look, but the TVs grew larger.  Now they didn’t fit in their homes and we all went back to the 1950s of a TV set on a floor or box or something we would make do.  Then we decided again that didn’t look right with the TV all by itself, bare and exposed to everyone.  So, we decided to put it on a pedestal and be accompanied by drawers or doors below.  Now the TV is the star of the show sitting on her pedestal and for the time being seems to be happy.  For those of you who have a beautiful piece of furniture in an entertainment center and a TV that is too large to fit in it – Steve can fix that too.

The TV in Her Splendor





The Modern TV Stand - Stylish yet Simple

Custom Home Office Cabinetry


More and more of us are working from home nowadays – which for me is awesome!  Our clients, Rod and Sandy run a successful home siding business in Northern Kentucky (Casco Siding LLC).  While most of Rod’s actual work is, of course, on the job site he still needs a place to study blueprints and work on proposals.  Sandy manages the office and bookkeeping aspects of the business.  And, like most, they “made do” with on-hand desks, filing cabinets and storage.  And, like most of us, it gets to the point where it just isn’t working anymore.  So, they called on Steve to help them design and build their ideal home office.  From numerous in-home consultations and phone calls, Steve learned that they were looking for a rustic, natural look to match their quaint country in-the-woods setting.  The finished product is a functional, awesome looking home office that they are in love with and gives them the functionality, space and organization they were seeking.  (See their comments about Steve and Woodwork Designs on Angie’s List.)  Maple cabinets have a warm cinnamon chestnut stain with distressed finish.  The doors are shaker style overlay with rustic hardware and the door covering the hard drive has a unique antique tin venting to allow for air flow.  They chose a laminate countertop (“Verdi Oxide”) for easier writing (firmer surface than wood).  The walls are painted a beautiful blue/green (“Observatory Night Sky”) that shows off the warm wood tones.  It’s great when you have great clients (and friends) like Rod and Sandy.  How about you?  Could your home office use a make-over?  In the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area?  Contact Steve at 859.380.0127 or email us at to see how we can make your personal life and work life more organized and enjoyable.

Cabinets, Shelves, Work Area, Filing Cabinets make this an Ideal Office

Laminate Countertop and Keyboard Slide are Great Assets

Filing Cabinets for Hanging Files

Great Idea for Venting the Hard Drive

Great Storage and Display Shelves

(Table) Tennis, Anyone?


I didn’t get photos of Steve and Grayson making this table tennis (ping pong) table, but here is the finished product.  It made another great father/son project and we LOVE playing “ping pong”.  Great for being indoors in the wintertime.  Steve used MDF for the table top to get a straight smooth surface.  Better than anything we could have bought in the store.  And we even found a cotton net on-line on for $39.99.   (Table) Tennis, Anyone?



Custom Built Table Tennis