From the Ground Up


How does a custom cabinetry piece come to life?  As with most things, it starts with an idea, a vacant space, a need, a picture.  Sylvia knew she needed something on either side of the fireplace to complete the room.  But, she had a window above each area so the traditional bookcases to the ceiling wouldn’t work.  They also needed somewhere for their TV components to hide.

Sylvia saw this piece of furniture and loved the detail on it, especially the fluted casing that would match the fireplace surround.  She also liked the bottom/leg detail that gives this piece a unique look rather than the typical straight bottom.

So, after working with Sylvia to iron out all of the details Steve began the project in his cabinet shop.


And, here’s the finished project in Sylvia’s house.  Exactly as she imagined and looking awesome.

What a transformation to the room!

Notice the matching details to the fireplace surround – fluted casing, pedestal base.

No more wires for the TV components.  They’re there, just hidden inside the cabinetry.




At the Very Beginning


My thanks to my friend Monica with Decorating Insanity for inspiring me to start a blog about my husband Steve’s woodworking business.  I have a lot of catching up to do on projects that Steve has done in the past and then can concentrate on current projects as I go.  I hope to be able to share some awesome tips on how to use woodworking and cabinetry to create fabulous looks for your style and home.  Many will be affordable changes that will make drastic differences and others while being more cost upfront will add tremendous value and appeal to your home whether you are looking to stay in it forever or contemplating a move in the future.  This is definitely an area where you will see a return on your investment – and we all can appreciate that!

Until my next post – happy decorating!