Fine Woodworking


One of Steve’s favorite woodworking magazines is “Fine Woodworking” by Taunton Press.  This month we received an email from them with an offer for a great publication called “Built-Ins  Idea Book”.  The photos below are some of the great looking projects that they feature.  The book is only $19.95 and you can order by going to

I love the bookcases below.  The doors and drawers are inset and I love the contrast of the stained wood for the countertop and shelves.  Notice also the fireplace surround on the right hand side – makes for a homey, yet clean, crisp look for the home.

And who wouldn’t love the home office.   Except with all of those windows to stare out I don’t think I would get much done.

The Contemporary Kitchen Island is a nice change of pace from the traditional style.

Try dreaming up some of your own cabinetry and woodworking projects for your home and oh, by the way, I know a guy who can fix you right up!

Home Office Haven

Kitchen Island






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